Hannah Montana: The Movie

She has the best of both worlds... Now, she has to choose just one.

Comedy Drama Family
102 min     6.599     2009     USA


When Miley Stewart (aka pop-star Hannah Montana) gets too caught up in the superstar celebrity lifestyle, her dad decides it's time for a total change of scenery. But sweet niblets! Miley must trade in all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for some ol' blue jeans on the family farm in Tennessee, and question if she can be both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana.


r96sk wrote:
I genuinely enjoyed this. I didn't see that coming. 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' kept me suitably entertained from start-to-finish, it is so much better than I would've predicted. I have never seen an episode of the television series either. It features a surprisingly interesting and fairly meaningful story, sure the ending is extremely Disneyfied and nonsensical but they make it work. For what it is, it's a relatively engaging storyline. There are a few bits of neat cinematography, also. Music-wise it's alright, "The Climb" is a (good) song that I was already familiar with. Miley Cyrus does a respectable job in the lead role(s). Billy Ray Cyrus, Margo Martindale, Vanessa Williams and Barry Bostwick all feature too, as does a young Natalia Dyer. I like the casting. I had very low expectations coming into this, but it's a film that pleasantly surprised me. I'd say it's worthy of a watch.