Together Together

Haven Entertainment

90 min     6.559     2021     USA


When young loner Anna is hired as the surrogate for Matt, a single man in his 40s, the two strangers come to realize this unexpected relationship will quickly challenge their perceptions of connection, boundaries and the particulars of love.


MSB wrote:
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog @ I really like being surprised by actors who usually do comedy taking a serious, dramatic role or simply showing something different from the type of performances we're used to seeing. I love Ed Helms - who doesn't? - but the whole "having a baby" storyline has been tackled so many times that I was a bit scared this would turn out to be a disappointment. Fortunately, Together Together is not only a really creative title that viewers will understand midway through the film but a lovely, fun, charming platonic love story that's also educative about surrogacy. First of all, Ed Helms proves that he can indeed do anything he puts his mind to. Matt is a genuinely compelling character, as is Anna, and both share exceptional development through Nikole Beckwith's witty screenplay. Packed with an enjoyable lightness and smart humor, Helms and Patti Harrison offer two wonderful displays, but I must praise Beckwith's script again. Every dialogue feels so authentic, honest, and real. I'm not the biggest fan of rom-coms or the formula "two strangers fall in love in the most unexpected way", but Together Together just makes me feel so good about myself. That's the biggest compliment I can offer this movie: it makes me happy. Despite it still being generic and unsurprising, I was never bored, I didn't roll my eyes I single time, and I laughed out loud quite often. It's one of those films people can go to the theater and leave in a better state of mind than what they entered with. In addition to this, I watched the emotionally overwhelming Mass after lunch, so I needed these consecutive viewings of Marvelous and the Black Hole and Together Together to brighten my day. So, thank you to everyone involved in the latter. Together Together possesses such a humorously clever screenplay that its joyful, fun aura passes to its own title, which carries more meaning than what it looks like. Ed Helms and Patti Harrison boast sincere chemistry, delivering two charming portrayals of characters who are emotionally worthy of investing in. Nevertheless, Nicole Beckwith deserves all the compliments for her lovely take on such a formulaic topic while educating viewers on surrogacy at the same time. From the genuine, realistic dialogues to the surprisingly efficient humor (I wasn't expecting to laugh as much as I did), I couldn't be happier. I know the ending is purposefully abrupt, but I'm not sure it fully works for me. Rating: B+
Louisa Moore - Screen Zealots wrote:
The one-note “Together Together,” from writer / director Nikole Beckwith, is a wannabe rom-com about surrogacy. This bland, flat film is one of the most disappointing titles to screen at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, and it’s the first contender for one of the worst movies of the year. Matt (Ed Helms) is 40 years old and has always wanted a family of his own. Single and ready for a baby, he hires twentysomething Anna (Patti Harrison) to be his surrogate. It’s reasoned that since the young woman gave up her baby in high school, she must be the perfect choice for the job (gross). Sensing Matt’s excitement about the arrival of his bundle of joy (and the fact that the pop-to-be pushes his way into her life so he can be involved as much as possible), Anna begins to spend more time with him. A platonic love affair develops, and the pair become the closest of friends. It’s not a thoroughly bad idea for a movie, but the execution is terrible. The film is dreadfully unfunny, and there are out of place scenes (like Anna showing Matt how a tampon works, or a dinner discussion of the pro-choice movement) that land like a thud. Helms brings his usual affable, goofy charm to the role, but he and Harrison have an uneven chemistry that ends up being the film’s major downfall. While I’m sure this wasn’t the filmmakers intention, the story, to me, borders on being offensive to women. Anna is portrayed as an emotional pawn of sorts, incapable to being completely neutral when holding up her end of the business agreement. She accepts the offer and chooses to be paid to be a surrogate, but she is so sad when she isn’t the center of attention at the baby shower. She doesn’t like that she isn’t important to Matt’s family and friends, and seems disappointed that she can’t share in the joy of having a child. This scene feels so condescending towards women because it implies that they are too emotional and incapable of separating the idea of actually being a mother versus respecting a purely transactional contract. The story feels dated too, as it flips the idea of single motherhood and instead — wait for it — shows that gee, men can yearn to be independent dads, too! Who would’ve EVER thought THAT was possible?! Wow! “Together Together” slogs along until the grand finale, which features the obligatory miracle of childbirth scene, and concludes with an open-ended fade to black that proves to be more of a relief than an aggravation. wrote:
Full Review available at **Together Together – The Story** A single man, **Matt**, needs to bring order to his life and to do so, **he decides to start a family alone.** Therefore he looks for a donor and a surrogate to host his baby till the birth. After a couple of interviews, **Matt finds the perfect match for the role: Anna.** She is half of his age, with a challenging past and an uncertain future. However, **they have a contract that binds them together for the time of the pregnancy.** Anna needs money, while Matt wants a baby. They found each other, but they are unaware of how their lives are going to change. Will Anna deliver the baby? What they and we will learn from this story? What will happen to them? Released in 2021, **Together Together is a delicate movie. Certainly not for everyone. A platonic story with a lot of insights to discuss. Let's review it together..together at** The movie touches on different vital topics: fatherhood, surrogate, the relationship between older men and younger women, the challenging role to educate and teach a baby to grow up. But also the complicated relationship between parents and children. It highlights how society is still not ready for single parents. It’s a delicate film, and we think that it deserves your attention.