The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Based on the Worldwide Best Seller

Drama Thriller Crime
152 min     7.5     2009     Denmark


Swedish thriller based on Stieg Larsson's novel about a male journalist and a young female hacker. In the opening of the movie, Mikael Blomkvist, a middle-aged publisher for the magazine Millennium, loses a libel case brought by corrupt Swedish industrialist Hans-Erik Wennerström. Nevertheless, he is hired by Henrik Vanger in order to solve a cold case, the disappearance of Vanger's niece


Peter McGinn wrote:
Oddly, the version of this movie I watched contained both English subtitles and dubbing, and after a while I wished I could turn off the dubbing and go with just the subtitles, so that their mouths would always move at the right times. I watched the U.S. production of this with Daniel Craig many years ago, and I liked it, but I don’t remember it clearly enough to compare the two. My f=general impression, though, is that this original is better. Of course, the Lisbeth character is the real hero here. A rough childhood and beyond have molded her into a tough lady indeed, mentally, physically and emotionally. Oddly enough, she is the only character who seems to show any growth by the end of the film, perhaps partly due to her having so much room to grow emotionally.