Hard work, low pay, and a mother's will to survive.

English     7.949     2021     Canada


After fleeing an abusive relationship, a young mother finds a job cleaning houses and fights to provide a better future for her child.


vylmen wrote:
Heads up: it's not an easy watch. Not for those who've been there and certainly not for people who think socialism is a bad word. It shows what you get when you build a social safety net, which assumes it's going to be abused by people who don't need it. It shows that people who work in the system, know that asking for help for those really in need, means showing up. That they already had a long fight behind them and plenty more battles ahead of them and that you need to nudge them to accept help. Push them over the numerous little hurdles that society has created for them, being fully aware that they may not make it this time. The series stands out in it's little quirks, like the ammount of cash available, the substitution of legal jargon with the word "legal" and Alex lying at the bottom of a pit. It brilliantly conveighs the state of mind. How Alex perceives things. How somebody in that situation, has to deal with all of society's bullshit. The second thing that stood out, is how Sean can be a really likeable, stand-up guy at times. If you've ever wondered why abused spouces go back, this is the one to watch. If you've ever wondered if you're really an "abused person", if they never hit you - again, this is the one to watch. But, make no mistake: it is very hard to watch at times, because it has little ups and deep downs. And the hard thing is that you care enough about Alex and Maddy that you _don't_ want to see happening, what you see unfolding and know _is_ going to happen. But stick with it. If only, to enrich your soul.