The Inner Beast

Bonyad Mostazafan

126 min     0     1983     Iran


With the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, and the escalation of the conflicts and SAVAK agents fleeing, Doctor, one of the most outstanding members of SAVAK, hides in a village. During this retreat, he gradually goes over his past and remembers how he stepped on the corpses of the innocent and even submitted his wife to his bosses to get to the position he wanted. Doctor's wife who has committed suicide, doesn't let his mind settle down at all as he's facing with his past, and this ruins his mental and emotional balance. The curious villagers who thought he was a doctor at fırst, consider him a lunatic after seeing him isolating himself and his abnormal behavior. The longer the Doctor's isolation continues, the more he struggles with his own soul, and one time, his ignorance causes his house to catch fıre. Doctor, who thinks he's been attacked, fıres all of the bullets his pistol has.