The Deadliest Lesson

Once you're in, there's no getting out.

86 min     0     2008     US


A gang of violent teenagers uses detention class to get revenge on the teacher who identified a friend as the gunman in a deadly shooting.


The Narrator wrote:
A rather stupid teacher at a rather shitty school gets locked in a game of cat-and-mouse with a drug dealer when she witnesses him murdering someone. Naturally, she doesn't tell the police, on the advice of, I think, her boyfriend. She then endangers the lives of her students, although she's lucky enough to have a black kid who seemingly knows everything with her. With all the grittiness and urban knowledge he learned from watching the edited-for-TV cut of _Menace II Society_, director Harry Winer crafts an engrossing look at what happens when stupidity goes too far. He also delivers a searing look at race relations, where white people are useless, Hispanics are either drug dealers or slightly more violent drug dealers, and black people save the white people's asses. He also gives us Alison Brie in very short shorts, so I must give this film a ten out of ten.