Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

The frontier awaits.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
English     8.1     2022     USA


Follow Christopher Pike, Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy. This show is a prequel to the original series and Star Trek: Discovery.


5rJoud wrote:
The problem with this show lies not within its stories. The little adventures themselves are thought out well and connect to the bigger plot in some way somehow. The unforgivable problem with this show is the appalling characters with their ridiculous haircuts, the dumb and dumber dialogues they are having, poor decision making of said characters, and finally, the "modern" special effects boring the hell out of anyone who has seen two or more popular sci-fi movies. Complete with useless CGI zoom ins, asteroid dodging space vehicle race, disregard for thermodynamics, gravity, biology, common sense or simple logic. Just pretty moving pictures straight from the PC of some overworked and over-payed dude with no imagination of his own insulting the intelligence of the viewer. By the way, nice harem the captain of this universe has going for him, the first time he steps on his bridge not a single man in sight. Which does not reduce the quality of this show to trash of course, the poor writing achieves that on its own just fine.