Despicable Me

Superbad. Superdad.

Family Animation Comedy
95 min     7.222     2010     USA


Villainous Gru lives up to his reputation as a despicable, deplorable and downright unlikable guy when he hatches a plan to steal the moon from the sky. But he has a tough time staying on task after three orphans land in his care.


mooney240 wrote:
**Despicable Me's mischievous characters enhance and strengthen its heartwarming family-focused story.** Despicable Me completely took me by surprise! Steve Carrell leads this heartwarmingly delightful, funny film with a fresh premise different from other kid's movies, hilariously lovable characters, and superb execution. Being one of my three-year-old's favorites, I have seen this movie 100 times, and it doesn't get old. Cartel's voice acting is as entertaining as possible, and the Minions are just a masterstroke of brilliance that my daughter exclaims, "it's so cute!" every time they're on the TV. But this animated heist film becomes much more as three orphaned girls warm the heart of criminal mastermind Gru as he grows from an evil loner to a caring father. Despicable Me was as touching as hilarious, and its creativity and fantastic characters make it my absolute favorite animated film of all time.