The Long Shadow

The biggest manhunt in British history.

Crime Drama
English     7.487     2023     United Kingdom


Dramatizing one of the most infamously notorious and shocking serial killer cases in the world, the hunt for Peter Sutcliffe, commonly dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper, between October 1975 and January 1981, South Yorkshire police undertook the biggest manhunt in British criminal history. The search for Sutcliffe lasted five years, involved over a thousand officers and changed the way the British police worked forever.


zingyyellow wrote:
Based on the real life police search for the serial killer, 'The Yorkshire Ripper'. Set in the seventies, it shows us the inequalities and dated attitudes of the time, which often hamper the Police search. The tempo, acting and sets just add to an engaging script. Thoroughly recommended viewing.
IndecentLouie wrote:
We in Britain pretty much have the crime procedural down to a T. While on the one hand it can make many feel the same (see Manhunt, Code of a killer, for example), on the other it keeps them feeling realistic without much fake tension. The Long Shadow did just that, it was nothing new but still remains an enjoyable must watch for anyone interested in true crime Dramas.