Drama Crime Mystery
English     7.5     2009     GB


The story of a major road accident and a group of people who have never met, but who all share one single defining moment that will change their lives.


Peter M wrote:
I didn't watch the PBS version of this mini-series, so I can't speak to that. I enjoyed the show overall. I already knew and liked a few of the actors, and I cared about the main characters, especially D.I. Tolin's daughter. Her performance was not complex or stunning, but she made for a very appealing character and the chemistry between father and daughter was gentle and mostly realistic. The bumpy relationship between Tolin and Officer Ann as they reunite to investigate a complicated car crash is slow to develop, which only helps make it more realistic. I am not a big fan of flashbacks, but this plot genuinely calls for them and they do a pretty good job piecing the story together and adding tension. I will say I thought the idea that all of the participants in the crash having complicated back stories was a tad unbelievable, but we must cut them some slack as the story is aiming for a complex multiple plot.The same goes for a few coincidences we encounter, such as during a couple of those magical detective moments when they see something in another context that leads to a revelation in their case. Perhaps because I write fiction and avoid too many coincidences in my writing, it makes me sensitive to them. In any case, those moments didn't detract from my enjoyment of the show. The series wasn't good enough to make me want to watch it again to see if I notice more details, but I still recommend it.