White Collar

To solve the toughest crimes, hire the smartest criminal.

Crime Drama
English     8.303     2009     US


Neal Caffrey, a con man, forger and thief, is captured after a three-year game of cat and mouse with the FBI. With only months left serving a four-year sentence, he escapes to look for Kate, his girlfriend. Peter Burke, the FBI agent who initially captured Caffrey, finds and returns him to prison. This time, Caffrey proposes a deal with the FBI, as part of a work-release program. After some hesitation, Burke agrees, and thus begins this unconventional arrangement where Caffrey helps Burke apprehend white collar criminals.


sammystarbuck wrote:
I just finished watching _White Collar_ for the third time, and it's still as good as it was the first time around. All the main cast are superb (though my favourite character has got to be Mozzie!) and there's regular appearances by fantastic support cast too; Mark Sheppard and Diahann Carroll in particular. Sure, the show is fairly formulaic, but I don't think that's a bad thing. And the series finale is just perfect (Mozzie broke my heart in that one).