Teenage Euthanasia


Comedy Animation
English     5     2021     USA


A former runaway teen mom is accidentally resurrected in her family's funeral home.


Qua Couron wrote:
This show is an extremely weird, off the wall one that several people seem to have strong feelings about, but I really love. It has several great voice actors, including Maria Bamford & Tim Robinson. When this came out I was excited, and it didn't let me down. I really hope it doesnt get canceled like others like it, simply because the majority dont care for it. There is an audience for it.
Qua Couron wrote:
One of my favorite Adult Swim shows at the moment. I look forward to it every week! From the absolutely weird as hell stuff that goes on in it, to the awesome voice cast, including Maria Bamford, Bebe Neuwirth & Tim Robinson, but even more great, they have some of the best cameos! People like David Cross, H. John Benjamin, Stephen Colbert, Noel Fielding, and the list goes on.... I think people dont give the show a chance - it's a shame, and i know it's not for everyone, but it's really pretty good. I wasn't sure I would like it at first, after Maria announced it, but I haven't stopped watching since. If you like weird and creepy things, and silly stuff, this is probably for you. If you love comedians voice acting, this is also for you.