Under Paris

Watch out before swim.

Thriller Horror Action
104 min     6.094     2024     France


In order to save Paris from an international bloodbath, a grieving scientist is forced to face her tragic past when a giant shark appears in the Seine.


MovieGuys wrote:
Under Paris is rather ridiculous French Jaws wannabe. Whilst this production is loaded down with the predictable woke tropes I've come to expect from Netflix productions, what really caught my attention was how idiotically implausible the story is. In the opening scene a group of male divers is tasked with investigating predation at a oceanic rubbish site, that's ensnared dolphins and other dead, sea life. Sharks soon turn up leading to the presence of a female shark, the scientific group have been monitoring.Inexplicably the shark has essentially doubled in size, leading their all knowing female boss to ask the divers to take "a sample" from the monster for study, rather than following the sane and reasonable path of fleeing in terror. Predictably, the shark doesn't take this treatment too well and eats the divers. At this point our intrepid female lead having just witnessed the horrific attacks on her research ships monitors, dives into the water, to confront the monster with a spear gun, that would hardly scare a large Tuna. Without spoiling things for those who want to watch this, it doesn't get any better from here on in. Really if you are going to make a film of this kind, is it truly that hard to make it, at least, a little believable? The acting is alright, as are the action sequences but the sense of "terror" found in Jaws is largely absent. The key ingredient that drives, what is essentially a monster movie, forward. In summary, sinks beneath its own unbelievable story and bland exposition. If you really want a oceanic monster film, try Jaws instead.