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Animation Comedy
English     3.551     2023     USA


Jinkies! This raucous reimagining of the Scooby-Doo franchise unravels the mysterious origins of Mystery, Inc. – as seen through the eyes of the gang’s beloved bespectacled detective Velma.


GenerationofSwine wrote:
I'm giving this a really low score because of the brand. Scooby Doo is made for kids, but so adults can also enjoy it. It makes a promise that you are going to get a Scooby Doo film, show, whatever. And this has actual drugs not implied drugs. It has naked rears but done in a way that is inappropriately explicit for the brand. It has bad words. There is no Scooby They race swapped Mystery Inc. Two cockroaches have sex Fred has a tiny dong Daphne deals drugs The white guy is an idiot That is seriously brand damaging. But then they do even make parts of that the pro-race swapping woke check boxes fans are bad cancel culture people sound as ridiculous as they are. They do make fun of the fact that the people that would like a show like this killed comedy. And they do make fun of the everybody is a Nazi crowd, who are again the only people that would like this. So it does sort of push back against what it is in a meta and entertaining way. Some of it would work in a different show. But this is Scooby Doo, and at the end of the day what this is is the destructing of a franchise. Scooby Doo isn't intended to be this adult in spirit, and all the woke tropes make it predictable.
Jose wrote:
This show wouldn't had grabbed the attention it did if it wasn't attached to the Scooby-Doo intelectual property. If you changed the color palette and the design of the character, they would be irreconcilable if you compared them to their classic counterparts. Without that, it would be just another irrelevant & forgettable "adult show" that thinks adding vulgarity and foulness makes it "mature", it actually makes it childish. Also, the characters are not "meta" or "self aware" as the writers think, they are just doing cheap lamp-shading, trying to disguise it's terrible writing. The "humor" is not clever nor has a funny punch line, it's just repetitive pop culture reference and small penis mentions (not even jokes, just mentioning Fred has a small penis) which is disgusting body shaming. And finally, they make Vilma and Shaggy black to use it as an excuse to blame any criticism on racism, that card is getting old REALLY fast. This show doesn't have ANY redeemable qualities, is an insult to the audience's intelligence and the legacy of Scooby-Doo, thank God Scooby-Doo isn't a character on this, they would had also massacred that character too. Don't give this show your attention or even rage watch, bad media dies by been irrelevant and not paying attention to it.
Todd S wrote:
This show is basically taking characters from a cartoon that started over 50 years ago and changed the ethnicity of 3 of the 4 human characters, makes fun of mental illness and adds elements of "get out" to try and make it cool or edgy. the only voice actor that's in this from the original is frank welker who played Fred on the original show and plays Fred's father in this. not one of the other actors is in this. would have liked to hear Matthew Lillard play Norville's(shaggy) dad and maybe have gray DeLisle play one of Daphne's moms. as she is the voice of Daphne in the other scooby doo shows and movies. I wanted to like this but is so far from scooby doo that it should have been a different property instead of scooby doo. I think the only reason this is getting any attention is that its butchering the formula for a scooby doo cartoon. it being adult themed isn't the problem. it's not for the kids that grew up with the original from 1969. because they're in their 50s now and this cartoon is not for gen X. the jokes are aimed at whatever college kids are today. Cousin Todd


Bob and Margaret is a Canadian/UK animated television series that was also shown in the United States and all over the world. The series was produced by Nelvana, a Toronto animation studio, and created by Canadian David Fine and Brit Alison Snowden. The series was based on the Academy Award winning short film Bob's Birthday, featuring the same main characters, which won the Best Animated Short Film Oscar in 1994. The series is one of the few Canadian TV shows to ever have regular American exposure. In Canada, it was the highest rated Canadian made animation series ever when it aired in prime time on Global Television. The show revolved around a married English couple named Bob and Margaret Fish, a middle class 40-ish working couple with no children and two dogs named William and Elizabeth. Bob is a dentist and Margaret is a chiropodist. Bob and Margaret struggle with everyday issues and mid life crisis. Stories often revolve around the mundane, but in a way which is eminently relatable. From the trials of shopping to dealing with friends who annoy them, but owe them a dinner. In the first two seasons, Bob and Margaret lived in England, in the South London community of Balham. For the third and fourth seasons, however, they moved to Toronto, Canada, allowing the writers to explore the humour of culture clash. The move was actually inspired by the realities of funding, with certain Canadian tax benefits dependent on stories actually based in Canada. As such, to keep the series funded, the move was necessary. The creators of the series chose to take an executive role on these latter two seasons, reviewing scripts and consulting, but not involved in the detail they were for the first two seasons. Snowden continued to provide the voice of Margaret, but Bob's voice, originally played by Andy Hamilton, was replaced by Brian George.

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