The world's last defense.

Action Thriller Adventure
98 min     6.2     2022     Australia


A U.S. Army Captain uses her years of tactical training to save humanity from sixteen nuclear missiles launched at the U.S. as a violent attack threatens her remote missile interceptor station.


jw wrote:
The premise, as an elevator pitch, might have worked. With some research, a good script, and some solid acting and direction, this might have been a good, entertaining action flick. But it isn't. No-one bothered to do a tiny bit of research to make the scenario, the tech, the military babble or insignias at least somewhat OK-ish. The CGI is a the level YT kids do these days, and the story is threadbare recycled fare. Plus, as some complained, too much "woke BS" - I intended to go along with some plot elements at first, but it's so coarsely piled on, it becomes unbearable. And don't get me started on the "acting". As audience, we are making a deal with the moviemakers. We provide some suspension of disbelief, accept some bits that aren't realistic, and they put in some effort to accommodate us in this regard. Unless they are lazy as in this case. Then it becomes insulting how little they think of us. Action stars don't need to have real acting chops; if they do, it is a very welcome addition, and can mean actual stardom. But the least we can expect is Expendables-level effort. There is still a niche for old-fashioned save-the-world-action flicks, I'm sure of that. But stuff like this is just a crappy waste of viewer's time. 2 of 10, 1 of which for the director as an encouragement that your first failure doesn't have to mean an entirely failed career. Try again! Everybody else: please don't do another thing like this, even if it is a favour for your wife.