Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Rise together or fall alone.

Science Fiction Action Adventure
115 min     7.276     2024     US


Following their explosive showdown, Godzilla and Kong must reunite against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence – and our own.


Manuel São Bento wrote:
FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://fandomwire.com/godzilla-x-kong-the-new-empire-review/ "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is a “more” version of the previous installment. More Hollow Earth, more Titans, more gloriously giant fights filled with fantastic visual effects… and much more nonsense too. Through an openly absurd narrative, Adam Wingard takes the charm and chemistry of his cast to help focus the film’s main spotlight on the titanic protagonists, Godzilla and Kong, delivering two hours of pure, unadulterated entertainment. It won’t convert the most skeptical, but it will certainly solidify the unashamed passion of MonsterVerse fans." Rating: B
NghiaLuong wrote:
This is a good movie about the science fiction genre, the scenes are very vivid and have really quality frames to send to viewers. I was very impressed with the screenplay and I'm about to watch the movie one more time.
CinemaSerf wrote:
It has to get at least three stars because it's got Dan Stevens (and his piercing eyes) in it. Otherwise, this is an entirely derivative and predictable effort that leaves nothing at all to our imagination. A truce has broken out since the last time (2021), with "Kong" ruling the roost deep in "Hollow Earth"; "Godzilla" curled up asleep in the Coliseum and "Ilene" (Rebecca Hall) and the troubled "Jia" (Kaylee Hottle) keeping an eye on things for "Monarch" and mankind. "Kong" has a bad tooth so he comes to the humans for help. Fortunately, "Trapper" (the aforementioned DS) is a dab hand at grand-scale dentistry but it's while the ape is topside that alarm bells go off. "Godzilla" starts marauding again and an undiscovered vortex in the nether world requires investigation by "Kong" and his human pals. With "Bernie" (Brian Tyree Henry) back in the gang, off they all go to discover that a new menace has arrived, destroyed their monitoring outpost and it is now setting up a battle royal with just about every Titan left on Earth - above or below. Adam Winyard does just about everything on this film, and that shows in a complete lack of objectivity when evaluating this third rate adventure, the banal writing and equally lacklustre acting. It's as plain as the nose on your face why "Godzilla' - who doesn't feature so much in this - is collecting energy, and when we do eventually get to them, the combat scenes are repetitive and too tightly choreographed. The scale is all over the place too. At times "Kong" appears the size of an house, at others he's more like a mouse. The visual effects are put to good use, but Hall just underwhelms, Henry talks way too much and Stevens' busky humour just doesn't hit home at all. I know it's difficult to keep coming up with new ideas for this genre and it must be difficult for the actors to constantly engage with nothing but some greenscreen, but the story is thin and the film reminds you of just about everything from "Jurassic Park" to episodes of "Stargate". It does need a big screen, though. On television it will be even more forgettable - but I did like the moth.
r96sk wrote:
A whole load of nothing! 'Godzilla × Kong: The New Empire' is not a good movie, in my opinion anyway. It is similar to its predecessor in that sense at least, this is a minute improvement on that 2021 entry mind. It's basically a Kong film though, Godzilla goes missing for large periods. There is less human to be found onscreen which is good to see, but what's added in its place with Kong is just so dull to me. The needless humanising of Kong continues, though this time it's actually done in and around the other monsters because... well, actually I'm not sure why monsters are acting human-like to each other but, eh, the movie, I guess. That Suko young ape character is particularly annoying too, it sounded like a clown horn and looks more belonging to that one Coldplay music video. The whole film feels like if 'Avatar' and the 'Planet of the Apes' reboots had a baby and that's not a positive. It felt watching that it was also taking bits and pieces from other films too, mind perhaps that's just me reaching? The best scene of it all features the two titular characters in Giza, their bits together in Hollow Earth are decent too but their opponents are incredibly lame. Cast-wise, it's OK. Rebecca Hall and Kaylee Hottle are as fine as previously, Brian Tyree Henry is marginally improved and Dan Stevens is serviceable. None of the others are all that noteworthy to me, but that actually is a true plus for this production; last time out I wanted less humans and less humans is what we get here. My review kinda reads as if I hate this 2024 release. I do not, there are far worse pictures out there of course. It's just a heap of disappointment. I guess I just want pure, turn-off-your-brain titan carnage from these flicks, which evidently is not what the Monsterverse is necessarily trying to do... that's probably on me. Catching up on this franchise has made me want to even more check out the 'proper' Godzilla releases out of Japan, so there is that. As for these American ones, I like 'Kong: Skull Island' at least...
ultra1967 wrote:
i'm a sucker for giant monster movies and i had a great time watching this, but this movie suffers from the same problem as it's predecessor, there is no sense of scale for the monsters when monsters the size of buildings are running and leaping around like superhero's, it kills all credibility still an enjoyable watch though if you just switch your brain off
MovieGuys wrote:
Godzilla x Kong is an exposition driven production, wrapped up in CGI eye candy, in an attempt to make the generally bland proposition, marginally appetising to the end consumer. The eye candy aspect of this monster action flick is well done. In fact, its flawless and whilst this might evoke "ooohs and ahhhs", on the big screen, there's a lot more to any film, than visuals. Unlike Godzilla minus One, this Hollywood affair fails to deliver beyond the superficial. Its back story, sprinkled with the usual woke fluff, is formulaic, unimaginative and frankly, a little lazy. The results a film whose elaborate exposition, holds you, for a time but equally, its effect quickly dissipates. A little over half way in, I became thoroughly bored and distracted. In summary, Godzilla x Kong is a simplistic action monster flick propelled by CGI laden exposition. On a big screen its a visually impressive but ultimately,rather empty experience.
dumasori wrote:
**You get what you expect** It is what it is, an old concept with some twists in the story. There is nothing jaw dropping in this movie, because everything you have seen hundreds times before. I think you can tolerate it with a group of friends with beer in a living room party, that’s it. Nothing special to watch it in theaters. In the end, it also doesn’t pretend to be a masterpiece, so you can forgive it for its honesty.
Sejian wrote:
It took me two attempts to get into Godzilla x Kong. The first 25 minutes of this movie are utterly boring. I've got no problem with human drama in movies like this when it's done right, or at least engaging. Monarch was engaging. For the main human characters here, this only ever gets engaging at the very end. I'm beginning to think the problem here is that movies like this are no longer "movies", they're "installments". They don't feel like self-contained polished products anymore, they feel like filler episodes filled with smaller barely connected filler episodes. Godzilla x Kong is like the opening to Age of Ultron, except it's the majority of the movie. You just don't really feel grounded at all. There's too much music. They try to recapture the "magic" of the intro and ending of Godzilla vs Kong but it fails spectacularly. It was cute there because the focus was on Kong and they didn't overdo it. Here the focus is on Trapper AKA NOT Kong AKA no one cares about Trapper because not giving the man a name is doing a stupid. The monster action is fine. Kong meeting the other Great Apes got me pumped and the finale is lackluster but satisfying enough. So, Season 2 of Monarch when?
Denishux wrote:
The mistake I made was watching Godzilla Minus One first. I don't know if the screenwriters' strike disrupted Godzilla X Kong, but the story seems to come straight from the book "How to Write a Hollywood Screenplay." The music feels like it came from a documentary about African great apes. The opening narration is unnecessary. The characters are typical Hollywood stereotypes seen in hundreds of films. As for the special effects, there's nothing to criticize; they are what save the film.