Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

don't... fall... asleep.

240 min     8     2010     USA


For decades, Freddy Krueger has slashed his way through the dreams of countless youngsters, scaring up over half a billion dollars at the box office across eight terrifying, spectacular films.


Olivergbyrne wrote:
This has to be the best documentary about any horror Franchise that have ever been made. I have this on blu-ray and watched it several times. If someone told me a couple of years ago that I would watch a documentary more then once , I would have call them crazy but this is the most entertaining talking head docs I have ever watched. This covers everything you would want to know more about in the Franchise and I mean everything!! From how Freddy was created by Wes Craven to how the naked dream lady with the big whatyacallthem with the crazy tongue was cast in part 3. It leaves nothing unanswered. It is a NOES fan dream come true! Seriously. Highlights for me are the segment dedicated for part 2 , funny enough as it is my least favorite of the original ANOES films. So much hilarious anecdotes for that film and the all gay vibe is addressed and yeah it's comedy gold! I would pay to watch a film about the making off part 2 alone! Rest of this massive 4 hours doc is great. It is fascinating to see all these actors again , some have changed for the worst (at least physically) some has not aged. Some has kept in touch with each others , some despise each others.You get to know things about the actors you never asked and it's all part of the fun. Robert Englund is as always very fun to listen to , Heather Langenkamp is just such an adorable person and the perfect host for this doc.It is not hard to see why Nancy is a fan favorite when it is played by such a warm person. I could go on and on about the merit of that documentary. If you are a fan of ANOES watch it , buy it as soon as possible , you will not regret this purchase. If you are fan of horror films in general , do the same thing. If you are after a fun documentary....Same thing! I cant imagine anyone giving this documentary a lower score then 10.It is a labor of love by people who clearly are huge fan of this Franchise. Simply put , this documentary is flawless! 10 out of 10!