My Name Is Vendetta

Colorado Film

Action Crime Thriller
90 min     6.826     2022     Italy


After old enemies kill his family, a former mafia enforcer and his feisty daughter flee to Milan, where they hide out while plotting their revenge.


MovieGuys wrote:
My first impression, having watched Vendetta is its essentially, a basic, Leon The Assassin, knock off. Loaded down with the usual trite woke baggage, Vendetta is a Leon the Assassin clone, minus most of the charm, heart and appeal, that made the former so endearing and memorable. To be fair, acting is of a high standard. Its by no means the actors fault this is unremarkable. Its story is too much a facsimile of an earlier and much superior film, to merit more than passing interest. In summary, hardly original, woke but well acted, nonetheless.