Mike & Molly


English     6.1     2010     US


A comedy about a working class Chicago couple who find love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.


Peter M wrote:
This is a very funny show. The ensemble cast are not only very good but they have a great chemistry. They make fun of and insult each other but there is love behind all of it. The laughs keep coming and as time goes on they occasionally dip into physical comedy, which Melissa McCarthy is very good at. Chuck Lorre is one of the writers of the show. He was a writer for another good show, Mom. If the show had just gone for three seasons, I would have rated it as one of the best in many years. At the beginning of season 4 (I think it was) there was a message on screen stating they hoped the viewers liked the new direction of the show. They had Molly quit her job as a teacher. Fine. Shake things up a little bit. But alarm bells sort of when off when she decides to become a writer, because I knew immediately she would become successful at it in almost no time. That is the rule for television characters becoming writers.(but oddly enough not as much with movies.” I guess it is because these shows are written by successful writers. No doubt I am merely horribly bitter because I have written novels my entire life and not reached Molly’s level of success after a year or less. There was also some other predictable events. Still, even with those minor reservations, it is well worth watching.


Love & War is an American television sitcom, which aired on CBS from September 21, 1992 to February 1, 1995. Created by Diane English, the series originally starred Susan Dey as Wally Porter, a Chicago restaurateur, and Jay Thomas as Jack Stein, a sportswriter with whom she had an on-again, off-again romance. After the first season, however, the show was retooled and Dey was fired by the producers of the show, claiming that she and Thomas had "no chemistry" together. She was replaced by Annie Potts as Dana Palladino, who bought Porter's restaurant and also became a love interest for Jack. The first season also featured moments when Jack or Wally would break the fourth wall and address the camera directly, generally using it as an opportunity to discuss an emotional crisis. This mechanic was dropped in later seasons. One episode featured a guest appearance from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David as themselves, they did this as a "thank you" to creator Diane English for allowing a brief scene on Murphy Brown in an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer is cast as the titular character's secretary. The show's supporting cast included Suzie Plakson, Joanna Gleason, Joel Murray, Charles Robinson and Michael Nouri. John Hancock, who had a recurring role as a judge on L.A. Law with Susan Dey previously, portrayed bartender Ike for the first half of season one, until he died of a heart attack in late 1992. His death was subsequently written into the series and he was replaced by actor Charlie Robinson.

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