In The Land That Sings

Kopli Kinokompanii

Drama History
Latvian     0     2014     Estonia


Looking for solutions of an efficient management and creation significant ideas to flourish Latvian culture and education, leaders of the Riga Latvian Society decide to hold the 1st Latvian Singing Festival back in 1873. At the beginning there are only four of them, very soon others – Latvians, Baltic Germans and Russians get involved, both influential persons of the society, countless volunteers from Riga, Livonia and Courland governorates. Also twenty-year-old Anna, whose desire to sing is stronger, despite the obstacles she has like any woman in that period of history, finds a way to join. By singing she finds self-confidence, power, joy of life and sense of unity, flourishing together with the Latvian nation, becoming a symbol of woman’s freedom.