Johnny English Reborn

A little intelligence goes a long way

Crime Action Comedy
101 min     6.2     2011     United Kingdom


The most prominent heads of state in the world begin gathering for a conference that could have a major impact on global politics. When MI-7 receives word that the Chinese premier has become the target of some high-powered killers, it falls on Johnny English to save the day. Armed with the latest high-tech weaponry and gadgets that would make even James Bond jealous, the once-disgraced agent uncovers evidence of a massive conspiracy involving some of the world's most powerful organisations, and vows to redeem his tarnished reputation by stopping the killers before they can strike.


poisoned wrote:
Some unaccuracys: He goes to Honk Kong and ends up in Macau.. Mozambique President making a speech in english for is people?!
Gimly wrote:
_Johnny English Reborn_ takes what we got from the first film and then firmly places an even better cast into an even worse movie. _Final rating: ★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid if possible._