[REC]³ Genesis

You may kiss the bride.

80 min     5.215     2012     Spain


A pair of newlyweds must fight to survive when their wedding reception descends into chaos and carnage when their guests become infected by a virus that turns them into hungry zombies.


elusive wrote:
The most poetic zombie movie I have ever seen. Zombie fans, you will like it!
AndryX7 wrote:
**A disappointing REC experience** This movie left me disappointed because I definitely had better expectations following REC1 and REC2. The recording and shaky camera won't be there for the largest part, it's full of stupid/nonsense moments and the story isn't that engaging. They also added "funny" scenes for some reasons, totally breaking the suspense, therefore it won't even feel realistic at all. Too much splatter for my taste too. There are three positive things about REC3 though: it features great looking zombies, sounds are excellent, and fortunately it's short (only 80 minutes). _(3 stars out of 10)_