Chloe and Theo

Together they will change the world.

81 min     6     2015     USA


A young woman, Chloe, living by her wits on the streets of New York City, has a chance meeting with a wise Inuit Eskimo, Theo, who was sent to New York by his elders to provide a message to the people of the world – We either change our destructive was or be destroyed by them. Chloe, who has been searching for something to believe in, becomes inspired by Theo and , with the help of a kind lawyer, Monica, the three of them present Theo’s story to the United Nations in hopes of creating a better future for all of us.


Reno wrote:
> The global warming theme on a smaller scale. An independent film about a man from the Arctic who is sent by his elders to the New York City to seek a permanent solution they are facing due to the assault on the nature by the southern people. I have heard it was based on the real, but for the lack of source I can't confirm how much true it is. For the voices over the global warming and considering recently concluded 'climate change conference' in Paris, I thought giving it a try would uplift my spirit on this matter. Definitely a good idea for a film, a serious theme, even though it did not turn out to be as I hoped for, had a little fun watching it. A short film, not even exceeded the 80 minute mark. Since it was a low profile flick, there's no big casting or the grand spending for making it, but merely an alright film. It was dull in parts due to the stretch, otherwise could have made it a fantastic short film. And a bit it looks like a cross of documentary and feature film in the narration part. > "Life is so full of difficulties. > But in my homeland, our sense of family bond us together. > Like a warm coat against the cold wind." What I think about the movie is, it was not bad, as well as brilliant. Very predictable, especially the end went as I expected, that's sad. But a couple of scenes in the entire film were somewhat out of the ordinary. More like it was for the children that deals on the global warming, but for the adults and their matured minds, it kind of fails to convince due to a shortfall of exploration on the subject. You know it only brought the serious topic on-board, but the intention was not given to explain it, or discuss them. So I feel it missed the great opportunity to open up on the debate and spread the message as what a theme like this supposed to do. After this I've watched a couple of other movies, but this will be the last review I'm writing on this blog for this year (2015). As a movie fanatic, I had another wonderful year and plenty of excellent films as well as so many bad ones. Finally, I wish all the WCA readers a very happy new year 2016. I'm hoping for another successful year ahead and try to keep the WCA alive utmost. 6.5/10