A Lucky Man

Nimbus Film

92 min     7.5     2022     Denmark


A LUCKY MAN is a tribute to the popular Danish musician Flemming "Bamse" Duun Jørgensen, who has provided us with classics like “Vimmer Street”, “Why Does Louise Go Dancing” and “In A Boat That’s Itty-Bitty”. Behind the warm smile and the overalls is a powerful and moving story about a man’s lifelong pursuit of recognition and love. Flemming “Teddy” Jørgensen is the only child of 12 siblings to be given up for adoption. Flemming’s adoptive father wishes for Flemming to take over the family’s factory, but to the father’s dismay, Flemming chooses music and becomes the frontman of Teddy’s Friends. A fractured background that leaves deep marks in Flemming’s life. A LUCKY MAN is a warm and compassionate film that tells Teddy’s life story with his biggest hits as the soundscape.