Trouble with the Curve

Whatever Life Throws at You.

Drama Romance
111 min     6.944     2012     USA


Slowed by age and failing eyesight, crack baseball scout Gus Lobel takes his grown daughter along as he checks out the final prospect of his career. Along the way, the two renew their bond, and she catches the eye of a young player-turned-scout.


r96sk wrote:
I enjoyed 'Trouble with the Curve'. There are a few too many moments of cringe for my liking, renditions of 'You Are My Sunshine' included, but as a whole it's a solidly entertaining sports flick - with added love drama. The cast are the film's major plus, with Clint Eastwood - in his first strictly acting role since the early 1990s and last to date of review - and Amy Adams naturally sticking out most. Other cast members include Justin Timberlake, Matthew Lillard, John Goodman and Scott Eastwood - the latter shares a scene with his father, which is nice. A few different choices by the filmmakers and I'd be rating this a tad higher, but as is it's a good film - one that is worth a watch.