In the Blood

She Will Stop At Nothing

Action Crime Thriller
108 min     5.882     2014     United Kingdom


When her husband goes missing during their Caribbean vacation, a woman sets off on her own to take down the men she thinks are responsible.


Reno wrote:
**The wife's trying to track down her missing husband!** Ever since I saw 'Haywire', I thought Gina Carano would be the next action queen of Hollywood. But very disappointed for her using in small and negative roles. I have been waiting for this film, but could not see it at that time and now I saw it anyway. She was amazing, born to do stunt films and this film I think specially created for her. You can call it a mini 'Taken', though an entertaining film. The plot does not make any sense, but it works as a thriller. So this is the story of a young woman who grew up with her tough father, who also taught how to defend herself against any kind of threat. A few years later she marries a wealthy man and while honeymooning on a Caribbean island, her husband goes missing after an accident. Now all her focus is to find him and with her skills, she faces the bad guys of the island. How far she goes fighting is what covered in the remaining. Not the best film from the director of 'Into the Blue', it would work for some people who seek timepass. But I liked it only for Gina Carano and I hope she does more flicks like this. I know some scenes and plots should have been better, like the final chasing scene had too many faults. In the end, I don't think so it was a big deal since in the kind of setting it takes place. I hope you simply enjoy it rather thinking of its flaws during your watch. _6.5/10_
tmdb15435519 wrote:
That moment you realize you just thanked the guy who spent nearly half the movie lying to you and that you'll probably die on your boat ride back to "safety"