She hit the road. The road hit back.

97 min     5.318     2014     USA


After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.


Reno wrote:
> I found TAMMY was so funny, but everyone isn't like me. I did not get what all the whining about this movie. This film was nominated for the worst actress and supporting actress at Razzie Awards, but I found they were awesome. You can't blame performers for the bad story, in fact the screenplay was okay, but again the story did not influence to build a better screenplay. Hard to predict the scenes, though one would know where the story is heading and that's the difference in this movie. Keep in mind when you're going try it, that you're not watching a Bond movie or a Peter Jackson's, but a small budget comedy. Anticipate as much what the movie weighs, overall and you would never regret for watching it. As usual a perfect role for Melissa McCarthy, but Susan Sarandon was surprisingly good. It was just a fun road-movie, mostly a semi-fictional to the reality, but who knows there might be people out like these film characters. Like I said, a decent story, it had all the ingredient to be a good comedy flick except one serious scene at the end needed to turn over. Yep, I would have liked to have an unexpected twist, that could have been a game changer in the movie's success. Anyone can enjoy it, if he's/she's open minded. I am already expecting the next movie from the same cast and crew combo which is due early next years. P.S, there's something between Melissa McCarthy and prison. In the next film I mentioned as well she will be seen in the prison. 6/10