Fear will find you.

Thriller Horror
83 min     6.803     2015     USA


A family takes refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak.


Reno wrote:
> The mysteries surrounding a family hidden from the actual world. Probably it is not a HIDDEN gem, but will take you with a surprise. Yes, the film would do better than anybody's expectation, well, mostly it does for sure. For such a small length film, the presentation was wonderful. The story was very simple that never required any kind of developments for its characters or the previous accounts like the film 'The Mist'. It just opened with a family of three were hiding is a fallout shelter, but they never give us the reason behind it. That's the best part, because of that mystery which was improvised to the greater level under its theme limits the film looked so good. While hidden from the outside world, it also reveals how well they're prepared to face the threat posed by whatever out in there. A bit by bit the flashback story was told to balance the viewer's anticipation as well as to bring the curtain to the narration. It is not a big cast film, but they all (three) were good. I know many people expressed disappointment over Emily Alyn Lind's performance, I thought same as well that she did a bit over expressions in some of the scenes. Other than that, she's a better actor that I know from her previous films. If you're bored of watching lots of high budget superhero films, you could try this for a change. It looks like a new brother combo is on their way in the line of Coen bros and others. It was theirs first directional venture and they did a good job, but the real test begins henceforth, so I hope they only climb upwards. 7/10
Gimly wrote:
A great, minimalist movie, but one that probably could have made a better short film than theatrical release. _Final rating:★★★ - I personally recommend you give it a go._