Robot Overlords

Mankind May Fall. Heroes Will Rise.

Adventure Science Fiction Action
90 min     4.7     2015     United Kingdom


Earth has been conquered by robots from another galaxy and the human survivors must stay in their homes, or risk incineration.


Olivergbyrne wrote:
I remember reading about this film on a film magazine and they said it was going to be a trow back to kids films from the 80's so obviously I imagined D.A.R.Y.L,Goonies, The last star fighter etc.. and I started looking forward to this film. I missed it's theatrical release but finally watched it on blu ray today and I was very underwhelmed. The story start with a future were everybody are locked inside their houses by robots. I'll make the synopsis very brief to avoid any spoilers ...Humans all received some sort of tracking device on the side of their neck that alerts robots of their every move.If a human dare to step away from their house they will have 10 minutes to get home or they will be turned into dust by robots. We follow a bunch of kids that realize accidentally that this tracker can be turned off by receiving an electric shock so they shock themselves and go out then it leads to a rebellion. One of the kid also realize that he has the power to control the robots and that as you imagine comes rather handy. First of all this film feels like a TV film you will get from the CBBC in the 80's.It's very Doctor Who-ish.If you expect (like I did) a trow back to Amblin films , this is not it. This is a very British film and it embrace the type of Sci Fy Britain's has been making for decades. My biggest complain is that on the opposite spectrum of some reviewers on here who felt it was campy , I personally felt the opposite and that it took itself far too seriously. I would have liked the director to add a bit more fun to the script.The dialogs keep things very serious. The film go from Point A to B , it is very straightforward. The characters are not really fleshed out , you get introduced to them very briefly then they are immediately on their Journey.We really don't get enough time with them before hand to really gasp who they are nor really care about them. I would say this : If you are a fan of Doctor Who you might enjoy it as it feels like a feature long episode of something from the same universe as the good old Doctor.If you are after a fun family romp with adventure and comedy , you might be disappointed.It's pure British Sci Fy and it definitely not to try to be something else. It is not a bad film and like all reviews on IMD this is just my opinion and mine is that I believe that only a very specific audience will enjoy this film.