Romance Drama Comedy
130 min     7.1     2011     Egypt


Magdy is searching for true love, so when he finds his childhood friend Dina on Facebook he tries to get closer to her. He is afraid that she would refuse him as he is very obese. So on their first meeting he told her that he is Magdy's cousin


r96sk wrote:
Overly long and simply rather dull. 'X-Large' just about harbours a positive message by the end (debatable), but it does so in such a roundabout way and via uninteresting means that as a movie it's an underwhelming watch, for me at least. This could have easily been told across 90mins, rather in the 135mins that is in fact produced. The effects for Magdy's 'look' are also unconvincing. Despite being a oomedy it doesn't offer much amusement. There's just one scene that I did find minorly comical but I've already, even just moments after watching, forgotten what one it actually was, which kinda says it all. Admittedly the language barrier perhaps contributes - that would be a fair argument, even if it's not one I necessarily agree with. Ahmed Helmy, Donia Samir Ghanem and Ibrahim Nasr (the standout) are decent on the cast, though they are probably the only things I'd praise about this film - which isn't a terrible picture by any means, just a perfectly unfulfilling one in my eyes.