Kung Fu Panda 4

DreamWorks Animation

Animation Action Family
94 min     7.154     2024     USA


Po is gearing up to become the spiritual leader of his Valley of Peace, but also needs someone to take his place as Dragon Warrior. As such, he will train a new kung fu practitioner for the spot and will encounter a villain called the Chameleon who conjures villains from the past.


Chris Sawin wrote:
_Kung Fu Panda 4_ isn’t the best _Kung Fu Panda_ film, or even the best of the series’ three sequels. However, as a fourth film in a franchise, it’s a ton of fun. And though it’s action isn’t quite as entertaining as its predecessors and it’s unfortunate to see Awkwafina playing yet another thief (_Jumanji: The Next Level_ says hello), for the most part, _Kung Fu Panda 4_ happily skadooshes its way to animated greatness. **Full review:** https://bit.ly/KuFuPa4
CinemaSerf wrote:
This is probably my favourite of the franchised animated action-comedies, but I think we are now clearly running out of conceptual steam. With "Po" being told by "Master Shifu" that it is now time for him to move onwards and upwards - much to his chagrin - he must recruit a new dragon warrior so he can retreat to more cerebral pastimes. Luckily, though, the "Chameleon" has designs on obtaining all the powers from those now consigned to the nether realm and using the powers of Kung Fu to take over the world. "Po" has to be put his promotion on hold and along with his new-found, and useful, foxy friend "Zhen" try to thwart these heinous ambitions. Though there's plenty of action and self-deprecating dialogue the storyline really is too much of a recycled affair. Even the panda has been drawn into the multi-verse and to be frank, I'm a bit bored with that theme now - especially as it's never really accompanied by much in the way of jeopardy. Yes, this is an entirely predicable story that, in this case, misses out on the characterisations of his pals from the "Furious Five". It's watchable and the story well paced; there's some fun to be had in the wobbly, mountain-top, tavern but I think I've already forgotten most of it.
dumasori wrote:
**Written by kindergartners using AI** Even after more than 10 years, I still miss the first Kung Fu Panda movie as it was genuinely a masterpiece. The story, action, dialogues, character building, the tension between Tai Lung and Shifu, everything was fabulous. Well, I can go on and on about the first Kung Fu Panda, but this is about this unbearable trash Kung Fu Panda 4. This movie is so bad that calling it boring would be a compliment. Out of nowhere, this Zhen character manifests. All the formula film scenes replicated, unnecessary fights, moving around without any purpose, cracking jokes (painfully unfunny) out of nowhere, and so on. I wanted to leave the movie after 20 minutes but then I thought maybe something good would happen. However, I was wrong till the end. Pathetic direction, dialogue delivery and unfunny jokes started feeling irritating. No chemistry between Po and Zhen, and somehow they both are ready to die for each other. The Zhen character was uninteresting and annoying. Just like contemporary movies where people get everything without any sacrifice or struggle, they managed to "Mary Sue" Zhen by making her the next dragon warrior. I am glad that this movie ended this way. At least now I know I won’t be watching any more trash from this franchise. If you loved the first Kung Fu panda, please stay away from this. Please save and cherish your good memories. You have been warned. *I wanted to give it 1.5, but the sliding scale couldn’t select it, so I gave it 2/10.
Chandler Danier wrote:
I'm into movies that simulate the 'watching a video game' experience. Classic Shang Tsung end boss. Shadow of the Colossus gameplay. Maybe a diss to Dune? It's predictable and full of dumb shit but I found myself enjoying it. Jables does good. I found abrasion to be front-loaded and maybe he mellows out but... a muted, yet powerful performance. I did smoke weed during the first few minutes. I love Awkwafina.