The Counselor

Sin is a choice.

Thriller Crime Drama
117 min     5.2     2013     USA


A lawyer finds himself in far over his head when he attempts to get involved in drug trafficking.


Reno wrote:
Unlike others, I would say it was a nice movie from Ridley Scott. Certainly not a masterpiece, but I truly enjoyed it. For his capability this movie was a below par, that's what everyone meant. As for the theme of the story, it was a phenomenal, but the screenplay is what failed very badly. To me, some of the scenes in the movie were impressive, enough to stick around the end. As has been a gangster related subject, Midas touch lacks and surprises how a great director make it slip away. Handling a tough situation, following the instinct and the facing outcome of the final result is what the movie to say in a one liner. Obviously, roles were perfectly distributed to the respective cast by the filmmakers and they had given their best as well. So no blame game for the movie's fall in that matter. In my perception it was the dull moments in the movie that acquire more than the best parts. When it was overhauled to build the story and develop characters, never showed signs of recovery. As I am a movie maniac, after seeing a movie, I always think of a sequel to follow only if it was a good one, or I pray for no sequel if it was terrible. I thought the same about this movie as well, after seeing the way it ended. I am now curious what if a sequel makes the way and impacts better than this. Because in the history, so many sequels had excelled than the previous movies. Whatever, I respect this film, not because of the director or actors, but like everyone says it should have been little better in a few areas, that's all. A movie fanatic sees the effort and appreciate it even it was not that good, but a critic sees only flaws and criticise as usual. 6/10