Closed Circuit

They see your every move

Mystery Drama Crime
96 min     6     2013     United Kingdom


A terrorist attack in London results in the capture of suspect, and the attorney general appoints Claudia Simmons-Howe as special advocate on his defence team. On the eve of the trial, the accused's attorney dies and a new one, Martin Rose, steps in. Martin and Claudia are former lovers—a fact which must remain hidden—and, as Martin assembles his case, he uncovers a sinister conspiracy that places him and Claudia in danger.


Reno wrote:
> Revealing the truth or sparing the lives with a deal. This is from the director of 'Brooklyn' and that's the obvious reason for I'm here. Looks like many haven't liked it, but for me it was an okay film. Seen plenty of similar themes, so I did not find anything special from this. That means easily predictable story, but I just went through till the end to learn how it all ends. Apparently that's how the narration goes, without a twist. You will know right from the beginning who's behind the bomb blast that takes place at the opening. Well written screenplay, but that was not enough for the film buffs or the critics, it might work for people who watch films occasionally. Looks like based on the real, but there's nothing in the opening or in the end of the film about it. Eric Bana and Rebbeca Hall as the ex and lawyers, takes up a high profile case which will be a secret trial. So theirs every move will be watched. Until one day they discover the truth which threatens their lives. The rest of the film reveals whether they successfully accomplish the undertaking or not. In some parts, it was mild thrilling, but the developments were ordinary. Especially it never clears us the motive, just leaves some understandable terms. This is a dramatised thriller than a cinematised crime-mystery with powerful dialogues and stunts. They tried it to be a quite realistic, but was not successful. So there was not any extraordinary performance, both the leads were pretty decent. Had potential to be a great film may be in addition of a few action sequences. Overall, not a bad film, just one time watchable. 6.5/10