When the Game Stands Tall

Its Not How Hard You Fall, Its How You Get Back Up

115 min     6.6     2014     USA


A young coach turns a losing high school football program around to go undefeated for 12 consecutive seasons.


Reno wrote:
> Taste the defeat, and once again inspire to rise back to the glory. Inspired by the real story of a high school American-football coach and his team's participation in the 2004 season. The fall and rise of one of the most consistent team, especially after holding a record for the longest winning streak, what happens when it was broken unexpectedly? Do the players lose the confidence, coach be clueless, parents go crazy and media annoys them, is what neatly this film narrated. It looked nice to me and I had a good time, but it was too long and not inspiring as the other sports film based on the true events. From the director of 'Coach Carter', another decent sports film. I am not disappointed because I was not expecting to be a masterpiece, though not bad for once viewing. All the actors were good, especially it is Jim Caviezel's one of the major roles and he was amazing. American-football was always been an Americas sport, so I never interested in it except watching films based on them for inspiration. Especially after 'Conccusion', my interest on them dropped further. Whatever I said is not a reason to skip the film. As a film, it did the right thing to portray the real life achievers on the screen to boost the young sports persons. Only to me it was just an above average, but for many others, it is one of the best sports film of the year. Forget the American-football, what I liked was, achievements are good for our progress and make a career, but sometimes there's much more than making records in the games. So it's a good moral lesson film than a fine entertaining film. I won't recommend it, but definitely not a waste of time. 6.5/10