Critical Mass

United Kingdom

100 min     0     2013     United Kingdom


Things aren't looking good for the world's population; as we multiply at an alarming rate there is not enough food, space... or sense. This intelligent film interweaves a fascinating 1960s rat experiment by Dr. John B. Calhoun with a slick snapshot of today's urban jungle.


Gergely wrote:
A rather interesting and insightful look on the experiments of J.B. Calhoun into mouse population growth. An almost entertaining look at overpopulation, it cross references with many other thoughtful theories to give, if not a bleak, but insightful look upon humanities future. It regularly surprises you with it's good production value and critical examination of a vast empire built upon a finite resource. Population growth for humanity has gone unchecked for the last few hundred years with the industrial revolution, and has exponentially increased our numbers. This documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in a population boom never before seen on our planet.