Right crime. Wrong country.

99 min     5.8     2014     Lithuania


Four friends become stranded in Eastern Europe and have to become hit men, prostitutes, corrupt cops, smugglers and more to make it home.


Reno wrote:
> When the gangsters from the west meets the east. I don't recall that I have ever seen a Lithuanian film prior to this. Well, it was jointly produced with the Britain and an English language film. But most of film sets in the Lithuania, so there are many dialogues in the local and other eastern European languages. The cast was brilliant from both the countries, and an awesomely shot film too. The pace was excellent with a simple story, there are no boring parts. It totally surprised me. You know this film got a mixed response, so I was not sure about giving it a try. Anyway, I went on, but now I feel it is worth suggesting others as well. It is a road film, gangster theme as well, especially clash of the two gangs from the two different nations. It all begins when a group of friends decides to rob a criminal gang and leave the country for once. But due to their flight was redirected to Eastern Europe the misadventure begins. It was similar to 'Lost in Thailand'. I had so much fun watching it. Sometimes a film like this does not need a good story, but performances really counts and that's why I liked it. It is not a multiple times watchable film, but for once and twice, the entertainment is guaranteed. There is a possibility for a sequel and I would definitely yes for that. 7/10