Line of Duty

If you think catching criminals is tough, try catching police officers.

Crime Drama Mystery
English     8.24     2012     United Kingdom


A drama about the investigations of AC-12, a controversial police anticorruption unit.


Splinter wrote:
We were stuck for something to watch on Netflix and hit play for the heck of it. What a pleasant surprise Line of Duty has turned out to be. It's gritty, very well acted and deals with the subject of police corruption and police investigating their own people. The characters are believable and the plots are very clever and at times quite gripping, especially the internal investigation interviews. Those alone are worth watching, as well as the courtroom scenes. I also like the attention to detail that is paid to investigations, where the outcome could hinge on the tiniest element either covered up by a corrupt officer, or missed by an investigator. Compulsive viewing for police drama fans.