Girl vs. Monster

Face Your Fears

Family Comedy Science Fiction
89 min     6.3     2012     Canada


Skylar finds out that her parents are monster hunters after she accidentally releases some monsters from a secret containment chamber; so she and her techno friends must recapture all the monsters and also save her mom and dad from these monsters who are out for revenge.


Kamurai wrote:
Horrible watch, won't watch again, and do not recommend. It's interesting to see how confident Disney is in their products by how they attach their logo, and this is just the word "Disney" near the title. The premise is interesting: a girl without fear and monster hunter parents who suddenly has to learn fear and hunt monsters. It's a great way to draw the audience in, but the hokey effects, and the Disney need to unnecessarily make it into a "teen rock band" movie really hurt it. It's a little refreshing to say that a Disney movie didn't have enough of a budget to make it look good, but it's just to show this was a lower studio trying to execute a good idea, so I feel bad it didn't work out. It was surprising so see a young Kate McNamara ("ShadowHunters") show up, and she showed up just enough to show she was being under utilized. Olivia Holt definitely showed that she can carry a movie, but it just a shame it didn't come out better. The movie just isn't good, every time I thought it was about to get better they introduce some new problematic execution ruining whatever I was enjoying. I'm not sure about alternative "teenage monster hunting" movies, usually they're running from the monsters.