Kill Me Three Times

Once is never enough.

Comedy Thriller Mystery
90 min     5.603     2015     USA


While on a seemingly routine job, a jaded hit man discovers that he's not the only one with his target in the crosshairs.


Reno wrote:
> When no ones are innocent, the trouble would be twice to deal. It was a hot and humid atmosphere, I thought they shot in Italy. Then came to know it was an Aussie flick when a dead kangaroo was shown. So Simon Pegg in an Australian film, that directed by one of my favourite dog movies 'Red Dog' famed filmmaker. On this, it was a mixed feeling to me. A comedy-thriller, a good time pass movie. The film editing and the screen presentation were what made it look a better flick. If it was told from the starting point to the end as a single line, then it would have been very ordinary. Barely there are eight actors, that mean it is a limited cast movie that takes place in the isolated location. All about love, cheating, crime, money, completely about the dark side desires. There are a couple of twists, that is only because of the bend in the storytelling. At the Beginning, the three different stories were told one after another that set in the same timeline. The first one was to introduce a hitman, followed by a woman who cheats her husband and the finally a dentist couple who was threatened by a loan shark. There are no good guys in the story. All of them has some issues and they want to get rid of it from their lives. So the plot begins to explode once they committed to their plans that does not go as it should be. When a series of mistakes and characters and their situation overlaps with each other, that lead to the finale. There are some minor plot holes, if you don't compare it with the Hollywood blockbusters like critics then possibly you would enjoy it. I won't suggest it if you are looking for a Tarantino style masterpiece. It is a little dark-comedy from the down-under that has its own value despite there are some similarities with other flicks. 6/10