Shut In

Some fears can't be shut out.

Drama Thriller
91 min     5.331     2016     Canada


A widowed child psychologist lives in an isolated existence in rural New England. When caught in a deadly winter storm, she must find a way to rescue a young boy before he disappears forever.


Dan_Tebasco wrote:
**Not the trainwreck I had imagine it would be after reading nothing but bad reviews about it.** No it doesn't do anything new, and no it's not as intense as it could have been and yes it's a bit like a Lifetime movie of the week. But it was still very much watchable, the cinematography was pretty slick and the acting was alright for the more part (even if Oliver Platt kinda phoned in his performance). They should have made the ending a little more intense to really bring home the bacon, but overall it was better than I expected it to be (even if I wouldn't necessarily go out recommending it to people, I wouldn't recommend people not to watch it either).
Reno wrote:
**A good cast and a potential thriller, but...** At first, it looked fine. Well initiated by giving out a proper reason to develop what comes later. But that later part was the biggest let down. It becomes so cliché and because of that I lost interest. Otherwise, it is could have been a decent one with all the good actors. Also the location was good, a perfect setting for the storyline. But not noticeable when the narration enters the second half, mainly because of thriller takes over. It is the story of a psychologist who recently lost her husband in a car crash, but ended up taking care of step-son after he became mentally and physically incapable. When the life was in the routine, suddenly something bad happens where her young patient goes missing. Following the event, she begins to experience what others won't believe her. But what comes later is more shocker, a twist in the tale takes us the conclusion. As the title and its genre suggest, it remained truth to that, but there is no innovation in storytelling. Most of the people would easily predict most of the parts if not the entire film. The casting was the advantage and they all were good, including the kid from 'Room' and Naomi. Even though it is rated very low everywhere, as well as by me, kind of entertaining, which means watchable till the end than cut it out in the middle. Not a film to recommend, but if you choose it to watch, I won't say don't. _4/10_