The Twilight Zone

What dimension are you even in?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Mystery Drama
English     6.82     2019     USA


Tales of science fiction, fantasy and the occult, exploring humanity's hopes, despairs, prides and prejudices in metaphoric ways. Next stop ahead The Twilight Zone.


Mark Rushow wrote:
Watched to first 2 episodes of CBS The Twilight Zone. Just under the surface It seems to be intentionally mischaracterizing what would probably be the only group of people that would understand it. So, though I take issue with much of the way characterizations are misrepresented; it is done well. Which just adds my theory that it is intentionally reinforcing the narrative given of character types by the establishment. It isn't apparent if you aren't really thinking about it and don't know better and is an undertone throughout thus far. Which is another reason to think it is intentionally so.
GenerationofSwine wrote:
Well, this was supposed to be The Twilight Zone, a series known for unexpected twists and turns, for horror, for science fiction, for irony, for pure, unadulterated irony. Except this is 2019 and it has to have a strong political message and all the characters have to be based on cliches of their race, gender, sexual orientation, identity, and, you know, NOT INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES. It's really hard to make a show with twists and turns when you have to stick to a strict Political format based on the tenants of Cancel Culture. So, instead what you have is kind of what you see in every other television show created post 2016, only with an anthology feel that kind of misses the mark because politics don't allow people to be individuals and more than surface deep. So it's as interchangeable as every other show on television today that stays with that format. And, like all the other remakes, it tries more to mock than homage.