T2 Trainspotting

Face your past. Choose your future.

Drama Comedy
117 min     6.945     2017     United Kingdom


After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton returns to Scotland and reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie.


Reno wrote:
**To face a revenge threat!** Okay the first film was good one. Then I thought it was unnecessary to make a sequel for it. But someone clarified that it was not made outside the novel to make money. It's indeed adapted from the sequel book of the original film's source. Though coming out 20 years later was the disadvantage. Except some praises it had received, particularly by its hardcore fans, it was average at the box office and I thought same as well. I did not like the story. It was just a random drag, not knowing what direction to head. That's until the third act, and once all the three main characters come together, so it gets interesting with something. Like surviving from from a revenge threat. It was the actors who saved the film. Otherwise, it is not even an average as I consider now. I don't think retaining the title was a good idea, but I think it was just for its fans. Or else, a new title name would have done a decent justice to what it had narrated. As I know, this is the director's first ever sequel and he's not getting better since his Oscar win, a decade ago. Especially the last two flicks, despite based on the very good subjects. Definitely no to the T3. Instead, I want another Oscar nod film from him. This would have been ever worse if somebody else would have made it. Yet, a watchable film, only if you had liked the first. So just think about it before going for it after seeing only positive words from a few people. _5/10_
GenerationofSwine wrote:
OK...it may be bias, Trainspotting was one of my favorite movies, and one of the better, if frustrating, books I experienced in High School. And, I really want to avoid any hints towards the plot as....it might kill a lot of the humor for those that haven't seen it. So excuse the vagueness, but after watching it, you might see where its necessary from an entertainment not a twist standpoint. So...the bad: It is NOT "Porno" which breaks the heart because, well, "Porno" was absolutely hysterical, right down to why it had its title. That being said, the draw is the cast. Trainspotting was one of those "how the hell did they make this book into a coherent movie" movies and in many aspects "Porno" would have been easier, but would certainly still fit into that mold. So it's likely better that T2 didn't follow the book. Anyway, the joy is just seeing the crew back together again, the chemistry is still there, it's totally an ensemble cast and that was really the principal draw to the first film as well. I don't want to give away the plot, but the cast just works so well together, they know their characters and live them. And the characters are delightful to watch. I sort of feel that they could have thrown any script at them, and so long as the cast and characters stayed the same...the film would have been thoroughly entertaining. It doesn't hit as hard as the first film, but everyone has aged and it's still....brilliant. Really, you're watching it for the cast and characters, and it pays off in sheer entertainment.