Moms' Night Out

What could go wrong?

98 min     5.613     2014     USA


Yearning for an evening without their kids, some friends plan a night out. But to do this, their husbands need to watch the kids. What can go wrong?


Reno wrote:
**The mothers' adventure on the night of Mother's Day.** I was not interested in this till I saw 'Bad Moms'. A very similar film, but it came first. The Erwin brothers directed it, the ones who made 'October Baby' which I loved it. This film was a slow starter, but once took off, it became non-stop. The entire first act has been just a build up, like how moms are suffering. After that, everything seems so adventurous. It's a one night tale and the plot was developed with a series of confusions. Silly and so random events, but mindlessly enjoyable. It all begins when three moms were introduced like how they're struggling to maintain the family, particularly the children. During the Mother's day, they decide to take off the night and have a relaxed dinner. But nothing goes according to their plan, and so their adventure begins when their car got stolen, followed by roaming around the city at all night. After all, every story has to end and how this one does was revealed in the remaining parts. The cast was the best thing I liked. The story was average, because most of the film was improvised than scripted. So some of the parts were funny, though you won't laugh loudly. The end should have been better, except that part the overall film was better than I thought, only entertainment wise. So I had a decent time with it and I can't say you would do the same, but definitely not bad to try once. _6/10_
Wuchak wrote:
Fun movie about three moms simply trying to enjoy a harmless night out on the town. RELEASED 2011 and directed by The Erwin Brothers, “Moms’ Night Out” is a dramedy about three mothers in Birmingham (Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton & Andrea Logan White) who go out on the town while their husbands & a friend watch the kids (Sean Astin, Robert Amaya & Kevin Downes). Alex Kendrick plays the pastor and Sammi Hanratty the teen daughter. Trace Adkins appears as a tough biker while David Hunt is on hand as a helpful cabbie. Andrea Logan White plays a friend of the three moms while Harry Shum Jr. appears as her ex-beau. This is a family friendly dramedy with a little edge and slight faith-based elements (limited to one comical church scene and one exchange at the end). The "inept dad" theme is tiresome and unrealistic (it seemed to me like the children lacked discipline). But there are some gems to mine, like the female lead being overwhelmed by her own doing. In short, she set an absurd standard for herself and labored under her self-imposed expectations. The church bathroom scene is hilarious. Have you ever had a meltdown over something trivial due to pent-up frustration and were embarrassed to discover that someone saw/heard you? There’s another laugh-out-loud sequence when someone is innocently doing something, which is inadvertently telegraphed to a bunch of others, but offering the wrong impression. BOTTOM LINE: This is a fun movie with several genuinely humorous moments and a lil’ bit of mind/spirit food. THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hours 38 minutes and was shot in Birmingham, Alabama, and Pelham, which is just South. WRITERS: Jon Erwin and Andrea Nasfell. GRADE: B