The Painter

SP Media Group

Action Thriller
100 min     6.778     2024     USA


An ex-CIA operative is thrown back into a dangerous world when a mysterious woman from his past resurfaces. Now exposed and targeted by a relentless killer and a rogue black ops program, he must rely on skills he thought he left behind in a high-stakes game of survival.


MovieGuys wrote:
The back story presented in The Painter is simply too ridiculous, to take seriously. I know this is a formulaic action flick but who has a heavily pregnant woman hunting down a dangerous fugitive, only to get shot in the stomach? If you can get past this nonsense and I couldn't, the rest is very pedestrian action with passable fight scenes and gun play. In summary, let down by absurdities in the script. Action is okay but not exactly inspiring. A very basic watch, in my view.
Chandler Danier wrote:
Boring and stupid. Surprisingly not as cheap looking as The Bricklayer but definitely cheaper. Not thrilling, though. Just dumb.