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The hero and his wife live in a village lying within a dense forest.Since they are childless several years after their marriage, the village considers them unfortunate and avoids inviting them to any occasions.One day, the hero finds an orphaned baby; he decides to raise him up and brings him home. At the same time, a tiger enters the village. Since the arrival of the baby coincides with that of the tiger, the people get enraged and blame the couple for bringing bad luck to the village.The normalcy of the village is affected.Forest officers enter the village and impose restrictions on the villagers in order to catch the tiger.Some of the villagers who have vowed pilgrimage to Lord Ayyappan await to begin their journey to the temple.The forest officers forbid them from getting out of the village until the tiger is caught.This causes the villagers to become even more furious on the orphaned child.Were the officers successful in catching the tiger?Did the devotees make it to the temple?