Sleeping with Other People

A romantic comedy with commitment issues.

100 min     6.3     2015     USA


Can two serial cheaters get a second chance at love? After a one-night stand in college, New Yorkers Lainey and Jake meet by chance twelve years later and discover they each have the same problem: because of their monogamy-challenged ways, neither can maintain a relationship. Determined to stay friends despite their mutual attraction, they make a pact to keep it platonic, a deal that proves easier said than done.


Reno wrote:
**A tale about not love at first sight.** A romance comedy that begins with two people meeting in an unusual circumstance during their college year. Later the story moves forward to the present where their life status was revealed, particularly romantic life and relationship issues. This story seems familiar, but the filmmakers tried narrate it as much as possible from a new angle. So the majority of us know how it all ends, yet watching how the film is to reveal to us all those contents is not quite bad. This is a different kind of romance film than I thought. There're more about sex than being romantic or emotional. But still nice film with some good performances and length of the film was also good with decent pace. Both the lead actors were quite interesting. They're not as popular as those we see regularly in this kind of theme, but their roles were justified with their fine efforts. The first half was okay type, but the next half, particularly the last half an hour makes the film at its best. Whatever the opening was, but it ends well. It is not a greatest love story ever told, still enjoyable one. You can blame many things and/or scenes of it, but it entertains on its own way. So I think some people would consider it a good film, but most won't. For me it is an average, maybe a slightly above that. The film is not worth suggesting, even though not a waste of time. _6/10_