Before I Wake

Fear your dreams.

97 min     6.4     2016     USA


An orphaned child's dreams—and nightmares—manifest physically as he sleeps.


Reno wrote:
**It all begins with the butterflies!** People think it is a horror, but it was a fantasy-horror. According to the director, it is a supernatural theme. You may ask what's the big deal, but if you watch the film you will get, particularly the conclusion twist. It was a decent film with a good cast. It marks the return of the wonder boy Jacob Tremblay, after a tremendous performance debut from the Oscar nominated film 'Room'. Once again, he was brilliant, but due to the different theme, it might not be recognisation on a big scale. The main narration was led by Kate Bosworth, really worth mentioning her role as she was excellent like never before in the lead. When a young couple lose their son, they adopt an eight year old boy, Cody. It's a new start for them, as well as for the boy, but after a few days later they come to know the boy has some kind of supernatural power. So they begin to use him for their own gain and neglect him on the other ground. But it won't stay long that way, as one day a dreadful event happens, followed many similar. The remaining narration is to tell us how they're going to fix it, but the real question is, is it possible to solve. It's a better film than what the rating states. But the issue was it is kind of improvised version of 'Oculus'. And it is not too scary or the too soft narration, but the kind of ending it had, it should have been targeted the families and children with more leaning on the fantasy stuffs. I think the horror concept brought in just to attract the adult crowds. Overall, it can be watched by everyone and that excludes little kids. For me the ending part made me consider it a good film. Because I believe everyone had such misunderstanding, growing up at that stage of the life, so did I. 7/10
Gimly wrote:
Good premise, good design. Bad lead performance, bad... amount... of dropped plot points? That was less concise than it sounded in my head. What I'm trying to say is that for every positive _Before I Wake_ has on offer, there is an equal and opposite negative to bring it back down again. _Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._
AndryX7 wrote:
**Absurd situations that can't just be ignored** Somnia features an intriguing beginning because of an interesting plot, enjoyable locations and likable characters, then everything will start to fall apart. There are too many nonsense moments, you will disagree with almost all of the actions taken by our protagonists, and the events taking place will be far from realistic. Be aware of the genre, don't expect this movie to be much of a horror, don't expect this movie to be much of a fantasy neither ... it's a mix that I didn't personally enjoy. Special effects are well made at least. Cutting it short: the main issue is the writing and the ridiculous situations. I don't want to make any spoiler but hopefully you will understand my concerns when I mention the words "careless people". P.S. Jacob Tremblay, the kid, is great. _(4 stars out of 10)_