The Blackcoat's Daughter

Abandoned as a child. Raised by the dark.

Horror Thriller
93 min     5.7     2017     Canada


In the dead of winter, Kat and Rose, two very different girls, find themselves spending winter break at their prestigious prep school. What they don't know is that Kat is being stalked by an evil entity, and their lives are about to change forever. Meanwhile, Joan, a young, troubled woman, makes her way across a frozen landscape towards the school. But why?


Reno wrote:
**About the two girls who stayed behind on their school break.** Also known as 'February', is about two teen girls from closely, but a different timeline. It was the boarding school break and everyone heading their home, but a couple of girls stay behind as they have no other choice. While waiting for their parents to pick them up, those few days do not go well with them. What it is and how the story ends, you should watch it to learn. It is not a must see, or even it does not look fresh enough. Though very dark and there's a moment it peaks with its suspense. But it could not hold any further, or keep us expecting what might come. Both the tales that told parallely was distinguished at the end with a small twist. But not everything was fully explained. So you will be disappointed a bit on that ground on overall film. Those young actresses were really good. Roberts and Shipka who never meet given the best performances in their respective roles. An horror with a less traditional narration. Feels familiar, but not really as entirely. Because if you don't know what its genre, you could anticipate a regular drama-thriller, but they manipulated the genre very well that you won't fully able to unpuzzle, even after the end. Just one time watchable film, in a common sense, but there are people who like this kind of film better than usual horror films. _5/10_
Wiccaburr wrote:
Love how this movie focused on three characters and the way they intersect towards the end. This film goes satanic and you know something more is going down coming to the climax. This movie does have some slow pacing so this might not be for everyone.