Who we don't know can save us

Drama Thriller
90 min     5.8     2016     USA


Multiple lives intersect in the aftermath of the violent mugging of a Columbia University philosophy professor.


Reno wrote:
**To learn what happened on that particular evening!** It is not great, but still a good film. Starred in an important role and directed by Tim Blake Nelson. I think he also wrote it decently that remind us similar classics. A multi-layered narrative, where everyone has connections or meets at one stage of the story. It sets in one fine evening followed by a mysterious tragedy. Then the story moves back in time for days to introduce all the characters and their intentions in the life. Different families dealing the different issues, but they all lead to that particular evening where it somewhere links them in and bring a fitting end with a twist. So when the film nears the final segment, the curious among us rises. The common mistake we make while predicting the end is once again certain when the final push successfully takes us by a surprise. I am not saying it is a masterstroke, but comparing with the rest of the film, it was good. An independent drama film, except some sexual and drug references, it can be watched by the adults and matured teens, but the pace might trouble you in some parts with slowing a bit. Actors were awesome. Since it is a multi-starrer, everyone had small screenspace, but excelled in that. The disappointment is Kristen Stewart, if you are going to expect more from her role. So the film lacks the star value. Having a good story, but not having the marketable stars made the film to sink deep bottom without a trace. Yep, as for now it needs more viewers, despite whatever result it produces. Other than that this film surely not bad as it was tagged. I will definitely recommend it. 7/10