Marvel's Iron Fist

Marvel Television

Action & Adventure Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy
English     6.6     2017     USA


Danny Rand resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with the power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to reclaim his past and fulfill his destiny.


magatsu wrote:
UGH, this show is awful. Simply put, boring characters, boring intro, boring story, bad acting, bad martial arts.
abaddonhades wrote:
The show does have some good sides to it. The cast functions well for the most part. Pelphrey and Stroup does a good job of portraying corporate sharks, with some depth. And Wai Ching Ho as per usual displays an impressive ability to communicate quiet menace. Unfortunately for Finn Jones, his Danny Rand has been given some supremely unconvincing lines to perform. He comes off as more of a pouty and rebellious teen, than a grown man with a serious responsibility. Add to that fact that his martial arts scenes are terrible,and you've got some serious flaws here. I've not read the comics but I'd imagined Iron Fist to be a master of his discipline. His abilities however, clearly doesn't match his level of confidence. In the fight scenes there's is none of the ruthless,yet flowing martial arts you see in daredevil or Ip Man for example. Jones seems almost clumsy in his moves.These factors makes it all the more difficult to believe in Jones portrayal of Danny Rand, when he randomly, spouts some unmotivated foggy pseudo-philosophical line,which he doesn't even seem convinced of himself. Henwick does much more with her fight scenes. She has that edge, the rawness, combined with elegance, that one would have expected from the main character. Henwick also plays her trainer/social worker with sincerety and the right amount of energy. So there is no denying there's potential in the material, but bad lines, some pacing issues, and generally clonky martial arts, really reduces the quality of this production.
maleonar wrote:
This season started with such promise; Danny looked to be heading into an interesting collision with the Triad and had a strong antagonist with excellent back story, characterization and so well acted by Sacha Dhawan. Every time Davos appeared on screen he captured my attention and in general kept me interested. Danny's struggle with the fist and his relationship with Coleen and a potential love triangle were all plot threads I wanted to see through. Cut to the middle act of the season and we take a huge jump back to what made season 1 so forgettable; Joy, Ward and a super hero, who wasn't acting like he had any power. The final act had some great moments, but didn't outweigh the meandering that came before. I am sorry it has been cancelled, but i understand why it didn't capture the audience as each time it seemed to generate memorable moments and attach a hook or two, they were quickly shed as the drab dialogue between Rand and his family reappeared.
cinhtau wrote:
What the heck is that? The film adaption is just more than inaccurate. The martial arts is so boring that I fall asleep during the choreography. The main character is so boring, the story needs plenty of time to finally kick in, which basically in a comatose state is at the end of the season. Worst Marvel production so far. Avoid at all costs. The first episode is a strong indicator of what is coming next: Total Fail.
Peter89Spencer wrote:
The martial arts scenes were off the hook. While Iron Fist disappointed some fans, and the storylines were weak, it was nevertheless pretty good. Plus, I didn't know Finn Jones was also on GoT. But to be fair, I never watched that show until after this one.